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After announcing its concept for a social network aimed at the sex positive community a few months ago, Blackbox Republic is now ready to show off its site and welcome new members. Here’s the biggest: When I met with the Blackbox founders in July, every other word coming out of their mouth was about the sex positive movement. Read More

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“The increased militarisation of the country means all measures now focus on weapons and the military, while any measures that were taken to protect women’s rights have been completely abandoned,” says Sierra. Read More

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We should accept that the common law will be developed in Australia, as it has been in Canada and the UK, ensuring that the victims of child abuse in institutions will be able to claim the vicarious liability of those employers and institutional managers for the abuse perpetrated in circumstances where employees or religious personnel are standing and that employers will be personally liable for their failures adequately to screen, supervise and investigate staff who have ready access to children. Read More

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