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Finding the ones that matter takes you all through a city (and outside it) and helps you understand a city's geography, its class structure, its views on race.I drank warm rum out of plastic cups in a carpeted bar in Cleveland during their first championship parade in 52 years.Also, you can play some sort of weird lottery game. If you're a fan of Cheddar, spicy mayo, peppery arugula, and Hickory Nut Gap ground beef seared perfectly, you should head to Carolina's mountainous land of men with beards discussing craft beer and eat this burger.

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But it also means the burgers on this list are all great.

It means that 230 of the burgers I tried this year, most of which were recommended to me by local chefs and food writers, did not make the top 100.

We sent our National Burger Critic Kevin Alexander on a year-long Burger Quest, which took him to 30 cities and saw him consuming 330 burgers.

Read on to see what made his curated list of America's 100 best, and then check out what he learned along the way and watch him gleefully eat his #1 pick.

With a pretzel bun that's surprisingly airy and light, special spicy sauce that gives the aioli an extra bite, and loose house-ground beef balanced by B&B pickles and the tang of grilled red onions, the burger at this Sacramento sausage hall is definitely worth a trip to the city with the largest tree canopy in the United States.

Why, yes, a cool lunch spot in Nebraska offering fries with dragon sauce and crushed fortune cookies sprinkled on top also manages to serve up one of the most balanced and well-composed burgers in the Midwest, assuming Nebraska is considered the Midwest. Don't freak out if you see Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer or someone equally Washington famous eating moules frites next to you at this hip Cap City joint.

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In an effort not to overheat your phone or Power Mac G4 Quicksilver, most of these write-ups are short, with links to the longer versions in each city.

I plan to update this yearly, and try to visit as many other cities as possible, until I can finally look at a map of the United States and feel confident that I can give you a burger recommendation within 100 miles of anywhere you point. But for now, you'll have to settle for the top 100. If the word “jucy” has the "i" in it, you're in the wrong spot.

ost events in life feel ephemeral, the ever-ticking hands of time speeding them through your brain until they become distant memories. No matter how topically fun it seems, going to 30 cities and eating 330 burgers over the course of one year is a task, one that ropes in many of America's greatest failings, like air and road travel, and overusing the word "logistics." There were rental cars, and hotel rooms, and one Airbnb that looked like a mausoleum for an above-average Americana collector.

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