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With posts covering a variety of topics across the dating scene, Hey Saturday unsurprisingly focuses on online dating.Its posts are often accompanied with beautiful photography, thanks to founder Saskia’s belief that good photography can put pleasure back into online dating.The urge to create Naomi Narrative came from an unbelievably crappy date.

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And if you’re expecting run-of-the-mill posts, you’re going to be disappointed – Never Settle tackles taboo subjects head on, including mental health, gender issues and emotional control. Lauren started her blog after being heartbroken and doing the ‘terribly British and womanly thing of pretending I was OK’ – and she threw herself into the world of dating.

Another blogger who believes that bad dates are just good stories waiting to be told, Lauren’s Tumblr is full of personal experiences as well as shorter comment posts and memes.

Nixalina claims to be London’s number one Sex & Dating Expert and is referred to as London’s real-life answer to Carrie Bradshaw.

The only ‘corporate’ blog on the list, Hey Saturday is a company that takes pictures for people’s online dating profiles.

Natalie runs events and courses to help people take control of their lives and relationship and answer fundamental questions to unlock their happiness.

The Guyliner was created in 2010 by Justin Myers, a freelance writer and editor, originally intended to document and review all of the men he has dated (he lined up guys then dated them).

A prominent feature is ‘Ask Oloni’, where she answers sex and relationship questions from readers – which has become so popular that the site now receives too many to answer on the blog and has set up a private call service to help the audience out.

Dami Olonisakin has also written a book (100 questions) and also covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics on the blog.

Justin is also writing two novels, and writes a range of freelance content for a variety of publications from International Business Times to Stylist.

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