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Being aboard a helicopter was like being on a miniature vacation, as it provided a few moments of rest "out of the war." Location, names, and date unknown.#Two RTOs (Radio-Telephone Operator) and, possibly, a platoon leader, board a Huey.

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While many of the particles in this image are grass in the air, some of it is damage to the negative as well.

Haughey developed his negatives in well over 100 degree heat in a Conex shipping container, and the images were stored in envelopes for decades, resulting in some damage to them. #A rifleman peers through bamboo, looking for a machine gun that had been firing on the platoon. Bledsoe, of Olive Branch, Ill., cradles a critically ill Vietnamese infant.

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Thanks to Chieu Hoi project volunteer Kris Regentin for preparing much of this introduction and the accompanying captions.Interesting that he has a flak jacket, he's taking precautions on both sides of the fence.M16, a steel pot, a flak jacket, and a prayer." 50 cal gun and head on hand: Main supply route convoy near fire support base Pershing, names and date unknown.-- Bowed head in truck: Soldier and location unidentified.Charlie's first response to this photo: "It was not uncommon to find anyone with a head bowed for a moment, more often when we were heading out than when we were coming back.Here, the first five Hueys in a nine-ship lift have just dropped members of a combat infantry unit near Dau Tieng. #The "tunnel rat" was the soldier that volunteered to, at very high risk, enter Viet Cong tunnel networks and search them for hostile forces, weapons, and contraband. Haughey says most soldiers wore towels around their necks, like this one did, to help combat sweat in the jungle heat.

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