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1989 - Leftist Jaime Paz Zamora becomes president and enters power-sharing pact with former dictator Hugo Banzer.

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2005 January - Rising fuel prices trigger large-scale anti-government protests and blockades in Santa Cruz, the country's largest and wealthiest city, and in El Alto, near La Paz.

Civic and business leaders in Santa Cruz push for autonomy for the province.

1980 - General Luis Garcia stages coup after inconclusive elections; US and European countries suspend aid in view of allegations of corruption and drug trafficking.

1981 - General Celso Torrelio Villa replaces Garcia, who is forced to resign.

1971 - Col Hugo Banzer Suarez comes to power after staging military coup.

1974 - Banzer postpones elections and bans political and trade union activity in the wake of an attempted coup.

Democracy and economic collapse 1985 - Siles resigns in the wake of a general strike and an attempted coup; elections held but are inconclusive; parliament chooses Paz Estenssoro as president.

1986 - Twenty-one thousand miners lose their jobs following the collapse of the tin market.

2005 March - President Mesa submits his resignation, blaming protests which he says have made it impossible to govern.

Congress rejects the offer, as well as a later request by the president for early elections, and Mr Mesa remains in office.

1982 - Torrelio resigns as the economy worsens; military junta hands over power to civilian administration led by Siles Zuazo, who heads a leftist government.

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