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These are, literally, the 50 most popular ever, as based on each song's performance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (from August 4, 1958 -- the inception of the Hot 100 chart -- through the Jan. Some songs are steamy slow-jams, some are hi-octane arena-rockers, but what they all have in common (and what got them on this list) is that the subject matter of each song is directly related to sex, in some way.

"The aspects of freedom, play, and escapism that make a one-night stand so attractive don’t really exist when it’s sex with a friend. I pamper myself, I put on lingerie, perfume, and makeup," she says.

Open, honest, dialogue — with each other and with yourself — goes a long way in creating the clarity necessary for a positive experience." Claus, who goes by Nookie, says she always takes a "sexual spa day" before the hookup takes place, if possible. This is less about impressing your partner and more about making yourself feel comfortable and confident.

" Sexy" is a relative term -- one man's baby-makin' music might be his woman's soundtrack for a snoozefest. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No.

But there's nothing subjective about this list.

Another 30 percent like the idea of staying for breakfast the morning after, according to the poll.

All of that being said, there are still things you can do to make sure you have a great time with whoever you're with for the night.

A lot of times (though not always), a one-night stand experience gets ruined by unrealistic expectations that the fling is going to continue, Xu says.

"If you go into it expecting just a one-night stand, one and done, it'll feel much more liberating," she says.

"Interrupting the magic early on means that you avoid doing so at an even more awkward moment," Kors says.

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