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Remember that when you put a decimal into your calculator, you do not put in the zero the left of the decimal point, but if there are zeros to the right of the decimal point, put each of those in.

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Just make sure you understand what it does before you blindly trust it.

What it is doing in this example is multiplying the original number by 0.05 and then adding the result onto the original number.

However, with some calculators you may need to first do the multiplication, then use the = key, then do the addition and subtraction.

Try it each way on your calculator to determine how yours works. For multi-step calculations, maintain all significant digits when using a calculator or computer and To take 5% of 40: Remember to change 5% into a decimal which would be 0.05, then key in .05 x 40 = This is the standard way of working with percents (as decimals) on all calculators (as well as by hand).

If you do not have them or cannot understand them, Google the name and model of your calculator with the word "manual" or "instructions" to see other instructions.

Calculator with Percent (Free) - Mathematical calculator with percentages, memory, history, large digits and innovation continuous lighting buttons for avoid mistakes. It takes both front and side walls into account, but not the ceiling.Overall my point here is that there is no single calculator that excels at everything :-) Each has it's special strengths. Room Tune Room Tune DD Enjoy, DD Sorry to piggy back onto this thread if it doesn't apply.....Ultimately the complex decisions are best left to a brain, taking on board all the different info inputs. I believe it is now much clearer to view and use, and I have generated a Metric one. what should be the spacing between the mode frequencies?Perhaps it is worth remembering that measurement trumps theory and calculation. It is great at indentifying optimum positions and so on. I know it's supposed to be even throughout, but at what point does one consider a frequency spacing to be an issue Sorry to piggy back onto this thread if it doesn't apply.....Most calculators today are solar powered so simply opening them and putting them where they have light shining on them (the light in your room is enough) will turn them on. If there is an "OFF" button, it is usually the same as the "ON" button.

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