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I built a deck to do nothing but get Rag a lot of kills and at the same time not die, it's sort of a budget token druid with a lot of armour gain and card draw that I put together from scratch.Although I'm not trying to win, I actually outlast enemies a surprising amount of the time, as Rag gets too big for them to deal with and they can't go face through my armour.Because you're mostly immune to Rag, and your opponent isn't, this wins just about every game.2x (2) Ancient Watcher2x (2) Devolve2x (2) Friendly Bartender2x (2) Haunted Creeper2x (2) Kobold Hermit2x (2) Murkspark Eel2x (2) Murmuring Elemental2x (2) Nerubian Egg2x (2) Volatile Elemental1x (4) Avalanche2x (4) Jinyu Waterspeaker2x (4) Lifedrinker2x (4) Meat Wagon2x (4) Tidal Surge1x (6) Genn Greymane2x (6) Thing from Below AAEBAfe5Agah Bvv NApn OAqv QAp Tv As30Agzd BPUN g37qg Ldug L2v QLSvw Kxx AK0x ALB0g Lg6g Lv8QIATo use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Played two games using your list, healing totem indeed solo'd the first game. Frankly even if they do start to hit your face, Patron or Watcher will pretty much win you any game if you play them early enough.


If you find someone that is willing to play along, I'd highly recommend playing the watchers early, copying with Faceless and giving one or two to your opponent with Treachery.

They soak up so much Rag damage if they can survive a couple of turns - you also get to heal them up to full with Void Ripper which you'll want to play in the late-game anyways to reset Rag's attack.

My record is 35.edit: got to 48 kills against a Warrior running some pretty cool stuff like Grim Patron, Armorsmith, and Justicar Trueheart designed to just armour the heck up and flood the board whenever possible.

He was totally unkillable, and I managed to put out a tonne of tokens. Would've been 50 if I'd been luckier with draw order and been able to play all my 0-cost spells with Violet Teacher.

4 armor early on seems to just put you at a big life advantage early and then patron to close it out: Even Shaman is incredibly broken, thanks to the bug with Heal Totem that makes all of your minions immune to Rag.

This deck usually wins by turn 6-7, by buffing Rag to a ridiculous degree. I am probably missing something very obvious I put this deck together in attempts to try to find that elusive opponent who will try to get the highest score with me.

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