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Code Eight has told early users that they can order products simply by texting a photo of it.

They can also message with a general request for a type of product they need, and leave it up to the service to pick the specific item for them; customers fill out a survey upon joining that is supposed to help personalize their experience.

Multiple people familiar with the project tell Recode that one goal of the initiative is the creation of physical stores that would operate without checkout lines or cashiers — in a similar fashion to Amazon’s futuristic Amazon Go store, which was announced a year ago but has yet to open to the public. Taken together, these Walmart initiatives mark a major leap in the vision for the type of businesses Walmart will operate, and customers it will serve, five or 10 years down the line.

But since both business strategies are in early stages, there is no guarantee that either will develop into a long-term business or launch widely.

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Returns are picked up for free at a customer’s apartment building or house. 8, is also working on another under-the-radar project, dubbed Project Kepler.

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