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These formulations are then further discussed in the moderators' group some months later and the overall thoughts eventually fed back to the workshop group and the emerged from the workshops we held in Vienna and Buenos Aires in 2017 and then the discussions we had afterwards.

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Join us for 4 days of workshops on PHPP_Basics, design PH and PHPP_Advanced. This course is aimed at all building professionals.

All you need is a good level of English (B2 or equivalent), basic knowledge of energy efficiency in buildings or the Passive House concept, as well as the ability to use Microsoft® Excel.

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If you are a candidate or not a member of the IPA please contact one of the moderators or email The meeting will mainly consist of moderated small group clinical workshops discussing a presenter's method of doing psychoanalysis in one case (usually through two sessions) in depth.

The workshops last for about ten hours in total and use the CCM method of discussion.

Some psychoanalysts and their institutions are experiencing profound existential pain: at the institutional level, some think psychoanalysis is endangered because modern economic, social and emotional pressures are creating patients who do not fit classical descriptions so that practice and training needs to be much less “rigid”.

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