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If the friends-turned-couple scenario doesn’t work out, there’s always the dreaded alternative. A friend who yearns for a romantic relationship learns to be patient, hoping the person they desire will eventually see him or her in a new (preferably candlelit) light.

If the couple gets together too quickly, the announcement will likely be met with little fanfare or excitement.

There’s the infamous case where the audience’s interest apparently waned after the two central characters got together.

Despite Jessica Day and Cece being touted as best friends on , the friendship between Nick and Schmidt is often the highlight of the show because they live together and thus are in close proximity almost all the time.

Occasionally getting on each other’s nerves in these situations can be a testament to their chemistry as friends.venture into this often unexplored territory of friendship.

On the other hand, if the sexual tension lasts too long, there’s always the risk of creating an aggravated and frustrated audience.

No matter what the approach, romance is the intended end result.

When Danny finally makes it clear to Kirsch her feelings, or lack thereof, on the subject Kirsch reacts in an unexpected way.episode “Zones of Friendship”:“Yes! TV shows are known to tease fans with almost kisses and near confessions.

Occasional friction between personalities mixed with sincere affection sustains audiences’ interest in the couple to be.

He develops a hopeless crush on one of the other characters, Danny Lawrence, who just isn’t interested in him romantically. Much like cliff-hanger endings, a TV show has to tease romance repeatedly and drop it intermittently to keep viewers interested.

He’s routinely referred to as a “puppy dog” because of how cluelessly smitten he is. Sexual tension is a device used to play on that chemistry between characters.

With women, there’s the antiquated notion that friendship is a facade for rivalry.

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