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This was adequately demonstrated in two studies by Nicolas Gueguen (2007).One took place in a nightclub where a young male asked a female to dance with him, and another on a street where a male approached a female and asked for her phone number.A real life meeting will obviously tell you far more than any online chat will be able to. I've recently started chatting with a few cool girls via this service: .

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Therefore, rather than using a list of desired characteristics you should try to select people based more on the basis of whether we think we could have an enjoyable time with them. Online chat Once you have selected one or two potential dates, you next need to send them a message in order to ascertain whether they might be interested.

The advice is to send a message which indicates that you have examined their profile “Dear (insert name here).

Some sites require you to complete lengthy psychometric tests before promising to link you with a potential date using some kind of matching system.

However, according to Finkel, Eastwick, Karney, Reis & Sprecher (2012), there is no evidence that these systems actually work in finding you the right person, so you may wonder whether it's worth the time completing such detailed profile information.

When faced with such a large choice set, people often tend to make poorer and sometimes lazier decision choices, sometimes based on pre prescribed lists of (to us) desirable characteristics or maybe some other form of systematic assessment.

Finkel et al’s paper referred to above, advises not adopting an assessment mindset when using online dating.

In each situation, the male touched the female on the forearm.

Gueguen found that a touch by the male to the forearm of the female increased compliance with the male’s request. The first thing is to decide on which dating website or app you are going to use.

Therefore, using a dating site which caters for your own particular interests or values may be an important consideration, as this may facilitatate attraction and a possible long term relationship. Constructing your profile Whichever site or app you use, you will probably be required to write at least a sentence or two about yourself.

Examinations of the way in which people describe themselves in dating profiles, has shown that men are more likely to describe themselves as dominant, wealthy and being prepared to invest time and effort in children, whereas females typically advertise themselves as being physically attractive.

On the other hand, some sites simply require you to upload a photograph or two, probably the most famous of these being Tinder.

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