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Should the Dominions desire to exclude Indian immigrants, it is recognised that they have a right to do so ; but if there is any worth in the conception of Imperial citizen- ship, the exclusion must be based not upon racial and political grounds, but upon reasons of an economic or social character.

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Montagu provided a first step towards the attainment by India of Responsible Government. So far as the former aspect is concerned, the goal has been clearly defined, and the steps towards its attainment are plain- ly in sight.

The associa- tion of India with other parts of the Empire in the successive Imperial Conferences ; the signature of the Peace Treaty by representatives of the Indian Government ; the admission of India as an original Member of the League of Nations ; and the recent inclusion of India by the International Labour Office among the eight leading industrial nations of the world, represent a complementary, and perhaps more dramatic, advance in the world of external affairs. But in the case of the latter, the difficulties, as will be made clear in succeeding paragraphs, are still far from solution.

Apart from the question of the admission of Indians to the Dominions and the Colonies, which Indian opinion divides The Imperial j n the manner outlined above into two separate Conferences. , , aspects, there remains the further question of the treatment of Indians already settled in other parts of the Commonwealth by the Governments of the territories concerned.

With the exception of New r Zealand and Newfoundland, Indians resident in other parts of the British Empire have for long been subject to certain humiliating dis- abilities.

Vitally important as are these larger issues of the Indo-British connection, they must yield in immediate Indians abroad. It cannot be emphasised too often or too clearly that Indian opinion regards the satisfaction of its aspirations to Responsible Government at home, and the equitable treatment of Indian citizens in other parts of the Commonwealth, as but two closely related aspects of the same national demand.

From many points of view indeed, it is by no means impossible that the external aspect is more important than the internal.

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