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Where a partner once wanted to spend lots of time and energy in the relationship (very different than the parents who were always too busy); now the partner is quiet, pre-occupied, unavailable (very much like the family of origin).

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For marriage that last, the satisfaction starts high, drops to low as the Power Struggle starts.

It stays low throughout the parallel marriage and then rises again in the latter part, again usually after the children are out of the home.

While this is not a universal experience and while the intensity and precision of the this experience varies greatly, this is a very, very common and "normal" experience in intimate, committed relationships. One way is what happens to couples who sort of "do what comes naturally".

The other way (and I'm afraid it is the Road Less Traveled) is what we hope will happen for couples who choose to try to understand what is happening in intimate, committed relationships and who choose to do the necessary "work" of the relationship. This is where almost fifty per cent of all married couples divorce.

How long the romantic stage lasts seems to depend on how much time the couple spends with each other and the amount of "woundedness" or "baggage" the individuals bring to the relationship.

But eventually, for virtually all couples, the enchantment phase ends, the drugs wear off and are no longer secreted, the negative traits emerge with a greater impact, wounds and protections from childhood start being activated and the relationship moves into the "Power Struggle".

There is truly something wonderful about this first phase of being in love.

In the "enchantment" phase there is a lot of laughter, playfulness, affection and sexual energy.

Does this mean that children are hard on marriages.

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