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To the government, it’s more like “big brother,” a term of endearment used by many Indians to address a stranger when asking for help.For other countries, the technology could provide a model for how to track their residents. The government has made registration mandatory for hundreds of public services and many private ones, from taking school exams to opening bank accounts.“You almost feel like life is going to stop without an Aadhaar,” Ms. Technology has given governments around the world new tools to monitor their citizens.

Pandey, the Minnesota-trained engineer who leads the Unique Identification Authority of India, the government agency that oversees the system.

“This identity cannot be refused.”Businesses are also using the technology to streamline transactions.

Reliance Jio, a telecom provider, relies on an Aadhaar fingerprint scan to conduct the government-mandated ID check for purchases of cellphone SIM cards.

That allows clerks to activate service immediately instead of forcing buyers to wait a day or two.

States have added their own twists, like using the data to map where people live.

Some employers use the ID for background checks on job applicants.“Aadhaar has added great strength to India’s development,” Mr. Officials estimate that taxpayers have saved at least .4 billion from Aadhaar by weeding out “ghosts” and other improper beneficiaries of government services.

Opponents have filed at least 30 cases against the program in India’s Supreme Court.

They argue that Aadhaar violates India’s Constitution — and, in particular, a unanimous court decision last year that declared for the first time that Indians had a fundamental right to privacy.

But the Aadhar system has also raised practical and legal issues.

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