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I also helped to create the powerful motivational tool, Motivator.

I’ve dedicated my LIFE to exploring the secrets of the MIND.

And eight years ago, I uncovered perhaps the biggest secret EVER – all thanks to the help of my friend and mentor, Matthew Davis. This was undoubtedly the world’s most powerful personal development technique. With just a one-off investment of TEN MINUTES, this technique could help anyone to...

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Zhruba od 30 let věku může být vzhled vaší pleti poznamenán únavou, stresem, ponocováním a dalšími negativně působícími faktory.

Brent Smith Lifestyle (BSL) is the reincarnation of Brent Smith's former coaching business "Absolute Power Dating".

The company was originally founded in New York City in 2005 by Brent to focus on a niche market teaching men how to improve their overall dating lifestyle.

Fidgeting on his chair, Leo stutters out an answer. By the end of the meal, I could TELL something had shifted in her. She’d just given the greatest presentation of her ENTIRE LIFE – and won a BIG publicity contract worth $1.2 million. I've been using it for years to improve my life -- in less than ten minutes. You see, the NLP Secret is – quite honestly – the most POWERFUL method of self-change I’ve ever discovered.

He’s obviously very shy and lacking in self-confidence. The company later entered the Fortune 500, was sold on for millions – and today Latasha is enjoying a very early retirement in Miami. An amazing technique that will change the life of all that encounter it. I’m not the sort of man that makes wild claims easily. It covers basically ANY personal development or self-growth issue you’re EVER likely to come across.

An entire MP3 crammed with knowledge, including three exercises to solve absolutely ALL of your problems – and those of your friends, too!

The COMPLETE Instant Genius MP3 Course – Learn how to “swap heads” with absolutely ANY genius, living or otherwise! You can ONLY buy the NLP Secret ( obtain the FREE Instant Genius audio course!

BSL (Brent Smith Lifestyle) became the new brand in 2012.

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