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Also don’t forget the Riverview Fire Picnic on Sat. I have many friends that live below the Rust Belt who think I am a bit of a nut because I like winter so much. Winter, to me, is kind of like having visitors in your home.You are really glad to see them arrive and, often, […] Today I called my 82 year old mother, who lives in Arizona, on her cell phone.

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We are now divining the secrets of effectively dealing with our insurance company over the loss.

Have you ever had to deal with your insurance company over a lightning stike?

In places they were a bit rough from the heavy traffic but we won’t complain.

The best trail we found was LMT4 out of Wabeno, it was a pleasure to ride.

This portion of the trail system was in pretty good condition given the amount of snow on the ground. Some areas were pretty rough with some icy corners but overall it was a good ride.

Hopefully you were able to get out and ride the trails a bit this weekend. We’ve got a longish weekend in the Northwoods this week.

There was the occasional rock and stick to be found but overall the trail was in much better condition that was expected.

We worked our way around to the back side of the Mc Caslin Brook Golf Course and found those trails to be getting a bit thin with a fair amount of snirt in some areas which is typical for this part of the trail.

She couldn’t talk to me because she was in the middle of a round of golf.

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