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It is important to remember that prescription eye drops are required before surgery, and after surgery for weeks at a time.

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My surgery was done at a surgical center in the Mid-Cities area.

My surgeon also practices in Northeast Tarrant County.

Possible mechanisms that may contribute to presbyopia include decreased elasticity of the crystalline lens, alterations in the elastic layer of Bruch’s membrane, fibrotic changes in ciliary muscle thickness, changes in the vitreous body and circumferential enlargement of the crystalline lens (1).

The accommodative amplitude begins to decrease already in childhood, whereas symptoms typically appear around the ages of 40-45 (2).

After doing quite a bit of web research, I've determined that the average cost of cataract surgery in the U. I am not old enough for Medicare; instead I have used my private insurance policy, which covers 80% of the costs, with 20% paid out-of-pocket by the patient.

Since I have just had a cataract removed from my left eye in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I will summarize my costs so that you can have a basis for comparison.

In that case, you could skip the anesthesiologist's fee, because he won't be necessary.

The surgical team will simply apply topical sedation (lydocaine) to your eye, or in some cases, give you an injection, and that will be enough so you won't feel any pain during the procedure.

So the total cost of my surgery is 00, and my out-of-pocket cost for surgery in one eye is 43.

This is a greater-than average cost, but please take into account that I live in a large metropolitan area.

Although I do not have my anesthesiologist's balance billing yet, I expect that his total bill will be about .

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