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The sooner a potential delay is addressed, the better chance a child has to receive the kind of care and support he deserves.

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After the developmental evaluation is conducted, the family will be given information about their childs skills in the different areas of development.

Those skills are compared to what an average child of that age should be doing.

They need to collaborate with each other to make sure that the childs individual needs are met.

The team should work toward goals that will help the child progress, they should build on the childs strengths, and they should keep track of what works or doesnt work. If there is a delay, its important to identify it as soon as possible so that families can begin to implement strategies that will help benefit their kids and help build on their strengths.

Common Types of Special Needs When a child is young, he or she may have a developmental delay.

This is a term that means an infant or child is developing slower than normal in one or more areas.

What they may find is that the fear is not about your child, its about you.

Once you come to an understanding about that, then you can put that aside and really focus on whats best for your child.

If the comparison shows a delay, then the child may need to receive some level of service depending on his or her needs (i.e. Work Together All of the people involved with the childs care should work together as a team to help the child succeed.

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