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They were brutally cut-off from their own land by the Israelis.A few months back renowned scientist Stephen Hawking supported the academic boycott of Israel.

Most of the people who were brutally murdered belonged to Tutsi ethnicity while the perpetrators of the crime belonged to the Hutu tribe Rwanda had witnessed Ethnic brutalities in past but this particular event left even the native Rwandans lurching. It’s similar to a hearth waiting for a spark and people continue to sit on an issue on the verge of going off.

3) Australia Almost one half of all Australians were either born overseas or had a parent born in another country and one in five people confessed to have faced some form of racial discrimination.

5) Japan Japan albeit boast being a racially tolerant country has no effective restrictions on xenophobic actions, and foreign nationals to speak of.

Moreover, foreign nationals are known to have sometimes restricted from certain services and activities.

The refugee acceptance record of japan is highly disappointing as well.

4) Rwanda Rwanda and genocide are most often used in the same sentence due to the ghastly months of April and June, 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the time span of mere 100 days.Thus, be it the Delhi and Gujrat riots or segregation of north east Indians not to mention the shiv sena havoc on fellow INDIANS from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, typecasts about Africans and Europeans thus making India a racially intolerant country.9) Pakistan Close at heels is the neighboring country Pakistan.It stems from the history of the state, back in the post-world war 2 years, when the whole world was unanimously empathizing with the Jews, a state was carved for them.The Palestinians who were the native residents became refugees in their homeland before being unsympathetically driven out of, what now was the news state of Israel.It is also infamous for violating its international obligations under the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination.

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