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In high school, Chinese students are forbidden to date or participate in any sports or social activities that aren’t guaranteed to have a positive impact on their university applications.

If you're heading to teach abroad at a university in China, here are some important things to be aware of.

ESL learners, in particular, often struggle to learn a language because they’re too afraid to speak a sentence out of order or use an incorrect word, a result of learning the grammatically correct way, unlike most native speakers.

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She stood holding my picture (taken in Bangkok just months before), dressed in a skirt that barely covered her behind, with three-inch heels. As an ESL teacher, it’s important to understand why students expect to take notes, need study handouts, and constantly ask about upcoming tests.

She looked sweet and innocent, yet flirtatious and shy all at the same time. However, it’s important to encourage them to think outside the box, and to make lesson plans as entertaining and interactive as possible.

We sped away toward my new school, where I would learn so much more about the cultural nuances of my students than how bluntly honest they can be.

“But fatter in the photograph.” I laughed and followed her into the taxi.

It’s more like a seed that each of us are born with, and without proper care and nutrition, it can die before it ever fully blooms.

As ESL teachers, we have the rare opportunity to introduce creative thinking in our classroom.

It’s not uncommon to see grown women giggle like schoolgirls if they feel uncomfortable in a situation.

Learning a second language requires an ability to overcome a fear of saying the wrong thing.

Role plays and other group activities can work well, but ESL teachers should expect to spend an ample amount of time explaining the rules and expectations before getting started. Among the many differences in the two arguably flawed structures, however, is that the Chinese teaching methods largely rely on cram and memorize tactics, which don’t encourage students to think independently.

With any luck, students will enjoy the freedom they have in oral English class, and look forward to coming back again. Just over 30 years ago, individuality in China was punished with force.

As they felt more comfortable with me, even their frustrations about home life or the Chinese government began to seep into the conversations.

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