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The chatbots that seem to have seen the most success are the ones that hover somewhere between #2 and #3.When Lionsgate decided it wanted to create a chatbot in the persona of a “Power Rangers” character to promote the movie, the studio also decided that it didn’t want people to feel that talking to the bot was like filling out a multiple-choice questionnaire.

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Bot makers had sufficient reason to play it safe early on with bots that stuck to a simple script.

They didn’t know if people would intuitively understand how to talk with bots.

It’s a simple word with a complicated interpretation that seems to have vexed some bot makers.

If a bot serves a single purpose, is it too utilitarian to be used?

As much as that lack of awareness would appear to be a curse, it may actually be more of a blessing.“The waters haven’t been muddied when that many people don’t know what chatbots are or have an expectation of what they should be,” said Digitas LBi’s senior VP of social strategy Jill Sherman.

“Platforms still have the opportunity to reset and figure things out and watch the early use cases to see where the fall-off was, where brands went wrong, where users’ expectations were maybe a little off.”Hello world When Messenger welcomed chatbots into the Facebook-owned messaging app last April, Poncho was one of the first in the door.

Rather than overcomplicating the conversation, many opted for stripped-down, transactional exchanges.

But even in simplicity there was nuance, which begot a need for artificial intelligence.

A year ago, chatbots reemerged atop a mountain of hype that messaging marked tech’s latest paradigm shift, after messaging apps Facebook’s Messenger and Kik officially opened up to chatbots.

A year later, the trend has slid down the mountain into its own uncanny valley.

If it serves multiple uses, will people become overwhelmed?

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