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And initially, I didn't feel too bothered by his trying to pursue my wife. But another month or so went by and the texts and calls from him just seemed to increase. He says he understands my choice but is just having trouble coming to terms with it. She spent the weekend here in LA and forgot to sign out of Skype from my desktop.

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It was so many months ago." "I am not asking exactly which garments. " "Not a 100% sure, but mostly jeans." "So after sex, you put your jeans back on, and then took them off again, and then back on..." "Yes." "Really? " "No, he was wearing a condom." "Yes, but even with the condom. " "No." "Did you sleep over at his place till the morning or come home in the middle of the night? He got ready, dropped me back to my place, and went to work. Yes, there were some occasions when I thought he was the one I should be with. But most of the time, I knew that you were the only one I could spend my life with.

I don't think he ever wanted to." "Did you suck his dick? " "Same reason." "What is the most number of times you had sex in a night? " "Seriously, I don't remember." "Were you drunk on any of those nights? let me remember." "Okay." "The first time, we woke up at around 9. " "It's not that simple." "Yes it is." "No it isn't.

So I had never been too worried about this particular guy. I did however remember that many months ago, his girlfriend had insisted on meeting my wife because she got suspicious of their friendship.

At that time, I had shaken my head at how paranoid and insecure his girlfriend was.

The pay was slightly less and the firm was smaller so I didn't fully understand the reason for her move.

But she insisted it was because the work in San Diego was more "challenging" and offered better long term prospects. Indeed, we were able to spend more time together but our marriage was still long-distance, which brought with it the expected tensions. He seemed like a stand-up guy and until recently, he had a steady girlfriend. But I am her husband and I am the one she is going to be with. After about two years in the bay area, my wife decided to take a job offer from a firm in San Diego. I am just trying to suggest a decent and reasonable path forward here. It's beneath you to be like a stalker just forcing himself on a woman who doesn't want you. Me: Yes, maybe in another universe, you met her first and you got her. Him: Dude, do you know how miserable your wife is in this marriage? Conversation 2 (Phone) "Okay, what the fuck is going on?

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