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My brother started yelling that he wanted to get off.

Eventually, we went down the last hill, and the picture after was basically my screaming, crying brother trying to get off, my screaming stepmother trying to force him to sit down, and me in the middle with this, “Oh, for f***’s sake,” look on my face.)Fast-forward to the present.

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Yellow Pages Goes Green ® Named Top 100 Local Website by Hubspot, MOZ, Others Chris Boyle EAST NORTHPORT, NY – Yellow Pages Goes, owned and operated by Yellow Pages Directory Inc., a massive business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious “Green“ movement, has announced it has been named a Top 100 Local Website by numerous web-based businesses and m...

Whitepages Offers App that Helps to Block “Spoofed” Scam Callers Chris Boyle (Long Island, NY) Caller ID telling you that the IRS or local government is calling you one fine afternoon?

However, I am holding back a sigh and an eye-roll.(I am folding laundry just as my mother arrives, and I am about to fold a king-sized fitted sheet.

One thing I brought away from working retail in bed-linen is the knowledge of how to fold fitted sheets.

Typically pulling phone numbers originally from print White Page directories, and later mining their online successors when the internet came to promi...

Should Personal Cell Phone Numbers Be Listed in Public White Pages Directories?

As a testament to the Ohio's grandeur, early French explorers named it La Belle Rivière ("The Beautiful River").

The area has been inhabited by various indigenous cultures for millennia, dating back at least 10,000 years.

The primary economic activities include education, renting and leasing, painting and repair, contracting, child care services, cleaning services, financing, services, property and casualty insurance, government jobs, financing and retail. Chris Boyle by Christopher Boyle NEW YORK – Telemarketers have always been a thorn in the side of pretty much anyone and everyone with a phone, and while the advent of cell phones – whose numbers are not typically made public, unlike landlines – have made it more difficult for unwanted solicitors to interr...

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