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Now, a new Apple ID can be created specifically for those under 13.

These accounts are automatically set up to require the “Ask to Buy” feature (although you can turn this off if you’d like).

Those in the family sharing group will have access to download the song you hide it.

If they have already downloaded it, and then you hide it, they will still have the song/app on their device.

As an example, on the child device I purchased a song (Chippy has good taste in music! Even though I clicked to approve the purchase, the song did not immediately download on Chippy’s device.

I had to repeat the purchasing steps to download the song.

For those who already had several Apple ID’s established, your really have to think it through prior to switching over to family sharing.

Who will be the family “organizer” or main account?

Then from my “parent” device, I was able to see that the app had been downloaded by the child account, and I could download it if I’d like.

To summarize: Another feature that doesn’t function fully using i OS 7 is Find My Location.

Can’t hide a purchase from family (from your device)Let’s say you as the parent want to download a song with explicit lyrics (hey, we’re adults we can do that if we want…hello Justin Timberlake! Well, you can hide the purchase but you have to log into i Tunes on your computer to do so; you can’t hide a purchase directly from your device.

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