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Such an unfortunate con- dition is always one of strife and abuse, and the great mass of ignorant, newly enfranchised negroes, with exaggerated ideas of their newly found powers, made a complication of diificulties almost unparalleled in history, and a situation peculiarly humiliating to the high-spirited white citizens who had until then been the sole arbiters of the state's action. Practically five years had elapsed since the surrender of General Taylor before Mississippi resumed her former official status in the Union, during which time she was practically under military power, although part of the time formally a civil state. Stephen Thrasher 555 Agricultural college 571 Robert H. True or untrue, the charge was made, and involved the withdrawal of the large numbers of colored men who had been in prominent positions in the state and even in congress.

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Confederate monument, Jackson Frontispiece Indian cession map 27 Cliarles B. The franchise was confined simply to all males of age, with the usual exceptions. We knew when we assembled what the nation will yet learn — that it is hardly possible for any two of the distinct types of mankind to co-exist with divided political sovereignty.

The system provided for state and county supervision, a system now so com- mon and so costly, too, but one upon which its advocates believe the welfare of the state and nation both rest. Restricted by the Federal constitution, we have tried to secure a more elective fran- chise without race discrimination or injustice.

Intelligence in the majority of voters is an acknowledged fundamental condition of successful self-government; there can not be success without it; without it monarchy is better.

It is hardly possible that so great an accession of ignorant voters, with all the susceptibility to manipula- tion that ignorance implies, should not cause a weak, if not disastrous, financial and other management of the affairs of state.

"I believe that you are the expert of your life and know what is best for you, but the hurts, losses, and disappointments in life keep you from trusting your good instincts.

I can help you overcome the despair, lack of motivation, negativity, fear of failure, excessive worry, lethargy, low self-esteem, inability to trust, and codependency that often results from failed relationships, abuse, illness, and loss.

EV COMPANY, BINDERS ':^ / - ', ^'S '- JOHN MORRIS COMPANY, PRINTERS, CHICAGO IL. The composition of the convention was to MEMOIRS OF MISSISSIPPI. Apprehending that harmonious political cooperation of diverse races is extremely doubtful, if not impossible, we must, neverthe- less, do the best we can ; and we may congratulate ourselves that it is the negro who dwells among us, as his race more readily than any other takes on the semblance of the manners, customs, religion and civilization of our own.

After twenty years under this constitution, and about fifteen years after the " great revo- lution " of 1875, there was approved, on February 5, 1890, "An act to provide for calling a convention to amend the constitution." On March 11 Governor Stone ordered an election to be held for delegates on July 29 following. The hopelessness of the complete success of such an experiment is illustrated by all history and proved by all reasoning from natural laws. We will do our part in good faith, and the failure, if it shall come, will not be the fault of either race, but will result from the laws of our being, which impel each to combine to achieve or resist the domination of the other.

This struggle reached its climax in the election of November, 1875, when, in what is known in political parlance as " the great revolution" occurred, which was a hotly-contested election, resulting in white supremacy or the supremacy of intelligence and property in the affairs of state.

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