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But, when you have problems with one another DON’T post your negative feelings anywhere.Your friends on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter don’t need to know what’s going on.

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Findings are interpreted within a developmental and feminist perspective and in line with recent recommendations for sexual and dating education as outlined by Romeo and Kelley (2009).►Advice pertained largely to socio-emotional components of romantic relationships.

►The most prominent advice was to maintain emotional stability.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend because you depend on them, that’s not going to end well. But rushing into commitment, or anything else in a relationship, doesn’t often do much good.

I know people who feel the “need to belong to someone.” It’s a dangerous mentality and it’s a road that only ever leads to heartbreak or unhealthy attachment. If you can see yourself with the other person far into the future, that’s a great sign.

Honesty also entails being authentic all of the time.

A large amount of drama enters relationships because the boyfriend or girlfriend either “drops hints” or take their relationship issues to their friends instead of each other.

Seventy-five Mexican American and White male and female adolescents were asked in focus groups to offer advice to other adolescents pertaining to dating relationships.

Across ethnicities and sexes, “Stay on your feet” was the most prominent advice given, followed by advice to “Know when it's right”.

You won’t be able to support one another 100% of the time. Maybe you’ll both go through individual challenges at the same time. You don’t need to be thinking about the wedding during the first date, but if you know from the start that the person you’re dating isn’t someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with, then why waste time?

You’re going to have to rely on other relationships in your life or God (if you have spiritual beliefs), and that needs to be understood from the beginning in order to have a healthy romantic relationship. As my great friend John Haskins solemnly pointed out, “You either work towards marriage or you break up. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true nonetheless.” If you are a committed person, that’s great!

Maybe you’re thinking, “” Yes, definitely don’t lie to one another.

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