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Families deserve to raise children free from abuse, and youth have the right to lead healthy lives.Too often, dating violence puts young people’s sexual and reproductive health at serious risk.

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A controlling dating partner may use these dynamics to threaten to “out” a survivor of violence if they tell anyone or try to leave.

Outing can have disastrous consequences on relationships, safety, employment, and housing.

The research that does exist on trans youth supports the notion that they experience the highest rates of relationship violence among young people.

For those LGBTQ youth affected by dating violence, it can be extraordinarily difficult to get help.

Responding to dating violence among LGBTQ youth should be a reproductive justice priority.

Not only do LGBTQ young people experience higher rates of relationship violence than their peers, they also face unique obstacles in trying to get help.

Comprehensive sex ed empowers young people to be responsible for their own health.

Students who receive information and skills about healthy relationships have been found to be less likely to perpetrate dating violence.

They represent the beginning of a global youth movement fighting for every young person’s right to honest sexual health information and affordable sexual health services.

Student Organizers are high school and college students from organizations across the United States working to mobilize and empower other students in the fight for honest sex education, condom/contraceptive access, abortion access, LGBTQ health and rights, preventing gender-based violence, and HIV prevention, among others.

Along with enhanced fears of not being believed, institutional anti-LGBTQ animus, lack of LGBTQ-inclusive shelters, and a pressure to portray LGBTQ relationships as normal and healthy, the realities of abuse leave many survivors feeling trapped and alone.

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