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The more you try to feed into it, the more she craves, and sometimes that can lead to an empty hole.

[Read: 20 signs she’s a people pleaser and just doesn’t realize it] #3 The competitive girl.

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She will expect you to be there for her 24/7, attend to her every whim, while at the same time, no matter what you do, it will never be enough or what she needs. 16 signs you’re not good enough for her] #5 The critical dad.

The daughter of a critical man is fearful and anxious all the time.

Learning very young that love is not real, her end-game is to avoid pain by doing what everyone wants – but they feel very little besides the feeling of fear and insecurity, which is hard to override.

Obviously, this is a terrible father-daughter relationship.

Just as important as the way that her parent’s relationship will forever taint her future ones, the way that her dad made her feel is likely to be transferred to every guy that she meets.

Important signs in a father-daughter relationship Before you go for the girl of your dreams, it is important to see these telltale signs that her relationship with her father is going to bring you drama in the future.

Typically due to divorce or losing a father, the abandoned girl takes it personally and will have a low self-esteem, and very little confidence in herself and YOU.

Looking for the first sign that you are going to cut and dash, she will do whatever she can to get you to prove that you are going to leave.

Never being able to do anything right, she will seek to do everything and be hypersensitive to any criticism that anyone puts on her.

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