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Do you fantasize about fucking cute little girls but wouldn’t dare tell anyone about your taboo desires for fear they’d hate you, or even worse, turn you in?

Well, I’m a barely legal cum-loving daddy’s girl that can fulfill all your naughty pedophilia needs without any of the associated bullshit; people always mistake me for an under aged little girl and really, I have no problem with that at all!

You grab my head and hold me in place as you force your tongue into my small mouth.

I pretend not to understand and pull away from you despite the fact that I really want to kiss you back right now.“That’s how grown ups kiss to show love” you tell me, and I nod, it doesn’t occur to me that you want me to try again and you feign being cross with me.

I do as I’m told and sit down next to you I turn my back towards you and pass you the brush.

You begin gently and the physical attention however innocent it, feels very good.

If you’ll be my daddy, I’ll be your special little girl any day of the week!

We’ve all got a secret adult sex roleplay fantasy that we’d like to fulfil.

You snap angrily and my legs almost buckle as fear kicks in.“You pick up the hairbrush from the couch, I can’t see it but I feel it as you ram it straight into my tight virgin ass.

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