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Wallace instead chose to merely go off what screenwriter Lawrence D.Cohn (famous for penning another King adaptation with 1976’s , finally read King’s novel.

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Brought to us over the course of two nights back in November 1990, ABC’s two-part, two-night presentation of Stephen King’s still lives on in the hearts and nightmares of the youth of America.

If you’re like us, and the original film was a seemingly unending source of all your waking fears, then join us as we go behind the scenes and expose some of the more shocking secrets of Stephen King’s At one point or another, we were all children.

However, in a last-ditch attempt to secure Curry for the role of Pennywise—which he knew Curry would be perfect for—director Tommy Lee Wallace told him he would cut down on the number of prosthetics used to turn him into the Macroverse’s most terrifying clown. Possibly worried that such a terrifying version of King’s novel was heading straight into the living rooms of millions of viewers, ABC must have had a moment’s hesitation about whether or not their expensive two-part adaptation of was going to be a major flop.

As it turns out, however, the results were quite the opposite.

And like all children brought up after the year 1990, there was always a moment during childhood where someone (usually an older brother) would spring a film upon us.

We would watch as a little boy in a yellow rain slicker chased his paper boat down a charming, flooded street in the middle of a stormy day in the suburbs. After that, we were never the same, as soon after the little boy goes to retrieve his boat from the maw of the sewer, he is greeted by none other than the living, breathing, giggling nightmare that was Tim Curry’s Pennywise.Brandis tragically took his own life by hanging himself on November 12, 2003, in West Hollywood, California.John Ritter died in the same hospital where he was born after suffering chest pains on the set of his sitcom hadn’t read so much as a sentence from the source material when he was offered the chance to step behind the camera and helm the two-part adaptation for ABC.I am very saddened to see the negativity among critics and public surrounding this movie.Complaining about historical inaccuracies or being racist about the mix of races is so misplaced.This would allow the monster to see and judge depth especially during the great-height wall battles against the Nameless Order.

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