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During his time as a cadet, his hair was styled into a classic military buzz cut, and he was already smoking cigars, though only had one in his mouth at a time.

Smoker is a seasoned Marine, who when first introduced, was trying to track down Luffy in Loguetown.

Jealous" • "Love Ty-Angle" • "Stan Runs Away" • "I Want My Nikki Back, Nikki Back, Nikki Back" • "Avery-body Dance Now" • "The Green-Eyed Monster" • "Who's Training Who?

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In Loguetown, he frequently wondered if it was just a coincidence that on the anniversary of Roger’s execution, Luffy appeared and made such a vortex.

Smoker is merciless against pirates and fights them with all his might.

He warned Luffy that as a marine, he would have to try and arrest him the next time they encounter each other.

Smoker also did not like taking credit in Alabasta for the Straw Hats' work in defeating Crocodile, even cursing the World Government when they attempted to reward him for it. He quickly became interested in Luffy, because he saw parallels with Gol D. This also led him to pursue Luffy, to which he continually does, even up to the present time.

During his stay on an unknown island of the Grand Line, he was seen without his jacket, which he had a subordinate carry for him.

During this time, he was seen keeping his jitte strapped to his back via a series of belts. After the timeskip, his hair is now longer, slicked back, and the sides have been shaved. He has a scar that extends from his forehead to his right eye and tapers off to the side of his face.

Smoker is a muscular, white-haired (light blue-green in the pre-timeskip anime) man, with a distinct trait of always being seen smoking two cigars at once.

He wears a large thick white and blue specialist marine jacket which he keeps open, with greenish fur lining the neck, wrists, and hem.

His face is depicted as being dirty, with a runny nose and a band-aid on his forehead, looking as if he just had a brawl with someone.

He wore a plain blank white shirt and had a pair of goggles around his neck.

The jacket bears the kanji for "justice" written on the back of it. He carries a Seastone-tipped jitte as his weapon, although it has been broken twice: once during the Battle of Marineford by Boa Hancock, and once on Punk Hazard by Vergo.

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