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Alli furiously turns to Drew, who tells her it was just a kiss.

Alli leaves and Drew goes after her, apologizing yet again.

At the end of the episode, Drew and Bianca engage in oral sex in the Boiler Room after school.

In All Falls Down (2), at the dance, Drew asks Alli if she'd like to go somewhere and Bianca makes fun of him by saying "The Boiler Room is free." Alli laughs but Drew glares at Bianca, who in turn, reveals what happened between her and Drew.

Upon her return she became civil with Drew, and over time the two put their past behind them, and became friendly again.

In Better Off Alone (1), Alli instantly develops a crush on new student Drew Torres.

However, after she talks with Sav and Holly J., she breaks things off, realizing he was wrong for what happened and decides to leave Degrassi. (1), Sav recruits Drew to play drums for a music demo.

When Sav tries to tell Alli, she is angry and Sav says he'll replace him, though he doesn't.

At school, they playfully wear labels declaring their new relationship official.

In Still Fighting It (1), Alli and Drew are seen making out.

Alli first developed a crush on Drew after seeing him in the halls at school as well as at least one class.

She later invites him to a party at her house where she reveals her crush to him in a game of "never have I ever".

She abruptly ends the party before the game ends, and the two exchange glances.

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