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A few times I've crawled off stage." While some believe they transform into a whole other being once they hit the stage, Mosshart believes the persona she has onstage is just an extension of her regular self.

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Reza got engaged to his longtime boyfriend Adam Neely last year, but so far, like Jennifer Aniston, no wedding.

This video of the Ross Sisters from the 40’s has been circulating for awhile, but there are probably SOME people, like us, who have never seen it. Be patient – it starts out innocently enough but the ending will blow your mind!

She finally approached him, after which they started playing around with some music ideas.

After she went back to Florida, she continued writing songs with Jamie, by sending her ideas overseas to London, where he lived.

One of Henry Wagons' favourite front people is Alison Mosshart, who sings in both The Kills and The Dead Weather.

Mosshart joined Wagons for a chat about being a front person, revealing that it took some time for her to work up the courage to put on a show.

It's no surprise to hear she initially found the experience daunting. For Jack to be behind me on a drum kit when I'm so used to watching him just absolutely rip it up in the front where he belongs," she says.

"That was a lot of pressure and a huge learning curve for me, to have to own it with that guy sitting behind me.

Front people are the ultimate torchbearers of rock'n'roll fantasy.

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