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After you have deployed your Discover or Command appliance, see the Opens the Extra Hop web shell, which enables users with administrative privileges to configure the Extra Hop appliance.

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Provides the ability to bond multiple interfaces together into a single logical interface that will use a single IP address for the combined bandwidth of the bond members.

Only 1Gb E ports are supported for bond interfaces.

The Health page provides a collection of metrics about the operation of the Extra Hop appliance.

If an issue occurs with your Extra Hop appliance, the metrics on the Health page can help you to troubleshoot the problem and determine why the Extra Hop appliance is not performing as expected.

This is also known as link aggregation, port trunking, link bundling, Ethernet/network/NIC bonding, or NIC teaming.

Creating bond interfaces will cause you to lose connectivity to your Extra Hop appliance.

Some environments are configured so that encrypted traffic cannot leave the network without inspection by a third-party device.

This device can act as an SSL/TLS endpoint, which decrypts and re-encrypts the traffic before sending the packets to Extra Hop Cloud Services.

Before you begin You must have a valid license to connect to the Extra Hop Machine Learning Service. Note that it can take up to 24 hours for a license update to be available for your Extra Hop appliance after your request for a valid license is enabled.

You must have unlimited privileges to access the Extra Hop Admin UI and to connect to Extra Hop Cloud Services.

Atlas Services provide Extra Hop customers with a remote analysis report that is delivered monthly.

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