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Lisa Charleyboy is a storyteller and a social media entrepreneur.

She's been named by Huffington Post as one of three Aboriginal Millennials to watch, and has been selected as a Diverse City Fellow for 2013-2014.

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At the time of their marriage, the Canadian government was issuing Indian status to women who married native men, so my mother became "Indian" with all of the rights and benefits when she married my father.

I am thus considered to be a “full blood” Indian, also known as R(1) status.

She is a widely published writer, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Urban Native Magazine.

That’s one reason inter-marriage is a key hope of tolerant, open-minded North Americans.

Supporters of inter-marriage maintain it’s time to transcend old ethnic, cultural and religious barriers.

They feel the tide toward mixed relationships is good and inexorable.The implication is only narrow-minded bigots oppose them.What North Americans tend to overlook, however, is that many forces continue to work against mixed unions.Some hard realities could stall their expansion, leaving those who engage in such intimate cross-collaborations a relatively small portion of all couples.Let’s examine the influences working for and against mixed unions – beginning with evidence indicating inter-ethnic relationships could become a mass movement.Now that visible minorities make up one out of five Canadians, personal ads in newspapers and on the web boldly reveal many North Americans are dazzled by the chance to date or marry across ethnic lines.

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