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Long before the social media age, a 2000 study found that teenagers see 143 incidents of sexual behavior on network television at prime time each week; few represented safe and healthy sexual relationships.

The media tend to glamorize, degrade and exploit sexuality and intimate relationships.

Open and honest communication about sex in families can help kids make sense of the mixed messages.

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The National Education Association developed the National Sexual Health Standards for sex education in schools, including age-appropriate suggestions for curricula.

Children often receive contradictory information between their secular and religious educations, leaving them to question what to believe about sex and sometimes confusing them more.

View the full list Parents may be uncomfortable initiating “the sex talk,” but whether they want to or not, parents teach their kids about sex and sexuality.

Kids learn early what a sexual relationship looks like. Parents may not know how to approach the topic in an age-appropriate way, they may be uncomfortable with their own sexuality or they may fear “planting information” in childrens’ minds.

We are researchers of intimate relationship education.

We recently learned through surveying college students that very few learned about sex from their parents, but those who did reported a more positive learning experience than from any other source, such as peers, the media and religious education.

The decision to enter into a sexual relationship is entirely up to you, and you always have the right to say “no” at any time to anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Remember, there are many ways to express love without sex.

Making the decision to just ask these questions shows the maturity of someone who is close to being ready to have sex.

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Talking openly makes relationships more fun and satisfying; especially when you both talk about each other’s needs for physical, emotional, mental and sexual health.

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