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Parental and romantic attachments are involved in the fear of intimacy experienced by adolescents during dating.

Still, attachment styles’ influence seems different for girls and boys, and highlights the need to distinguish girls’ from boys’ teen dating experiences.

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Deux cent trente-deux adolescents ont été soumis à des questionnaires auto-administrés portant sur l’attachement parental, l’attachement romantique, la peur de l’intimité, l’âge de leur première relation, le nombre de relations amoureuses qu’ils ont eues et la plus longue durée de relation amoureuse qu’ils ont entretenue.

Après analyse, nous notons que l’attachement parental et l’attachement romantique sont liés à la peur de l’intimité, et que l’attachement romantique a une part explicative dans le nombre de relations amoureuses adolescentes.

Eventually, bearing in mind the societal and cultural components of attachment and intimacy, gendered explanations cannot be ignored, especially during adolescence. First, the continuity from parental to romantic attachment is postulated, meaning that a secure, preoccupied or dismissing attachment to parents might lead to a subsequent secure, preoccupied or dismissing attachment to romantic partners.

Second, the influence of parental attachment on the fear of intimacy during teen dating is questioned.

Statistical analyses such as Pearson Chi, Anova and Post-Hoc LSD were carried out.

First, we cannot see any continuity between parental and romantic attachment.

This considered, intimacy also implies a dynamic feature: on the one hand, closeness and sharing of feelings and/or experiences, and on the other hand, individuality and maintaining of one's ego.

However, just like attachments may be insecure, a fear of intimacy cannot be underestimated during dating.

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