Amy fisher and buttafuoco dating teenage girl dating older man

Allegedly, Joey suggested she become an escort at a local escort service. Within a month, Amy was making good money as a prostitute.

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In her book, "Amy Fisher: My Story," co-written with Sheila Weller, Amy wrote that she suffered early childhood trauma after a family member, repeatedly, sexually abused her.

Then, at age 13, a man hired to work at her home raped her.

"And Buttafuoco, further creeping me out, replies: "I still have feelings for her.

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[She] had no knowledge of my life away from home," he said.

Mary Jo's story was an "angry account of an ex-wife who pieced together her own vision of why things happened.

The affair ended when Fisher shot Buttafuoco's wife in the head – but the scandal didn't stop there.

The whole sordid episode was immortalized in the breath-taking Amy Fisher Story!

Amy met Joey Buttafuoco in May 1991, when she took her car to his auto shop for repairs.

She began visiting the shop and hanging around Joey on a regular basis. On July 2, with her car in repair, Joey offered to drive her home. For the next several months, the two solidified their love affair at local motels.

She was jealous of Mary Jo, and wanted her out of the picture. Unable to cope with the break up, she cut her wrists, but the cuts were superficial.

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