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It was our tradition to meet at my friend’s apartment on the 30th of December.

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When she was young she wanted to marry and have a usual family but preferred career. As she didn’t look like a sex-bomb men had no desire to start relationships with her…

She was very respectable and rather well-off but alone. There was no one beside her to take care of her, love, comfort and even satisfy her…

I remember thinking how good and happy my life was with this woman, and that nothing was bothering me in such a great warm day!

On my way home I bumped into my neighbor who was a 37 year house wife burdened with family, although looking as hot and sexy as Goddess.

Actually our sex was nothing out of the ordinary, but it helps us out.

I was about 5 foot 10 inches, tall and of about medium build.

By midnight we would be tipsy and crying, swearing that we’d be friends until the rest of our lives. This year it was going to be the same but at the last moment everything changed.

Victoria was the first to call and tell us she wouldn’t join the party.

This guy is dreaming about fucking his girlfriend’s tight asshole, he finally manages and she lets him to whatever he wants with her slutty, right butthole… By the time it all happened, I was 20 and my girlfriend’s name was Catalina. She was working there part time to support her tuition fees.

She was the queen of my high school, and then she studied at the same College, but another department. She was actually a very progressive and independent girl. So I decided to surprise her at work with a bunch of red roses, Swiss chocolates, and a small present. I knew when she was having a break, so I went just the very same time. She was so happy, I think she was happy not only to see me but of the fact that I didn’t forget about the date we were supposed to celebrate.

She was walking down the street and lived just a next door with mine.

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