gratis online dating norge - Aquarius woman dating a taurus man

The Taurus woman quashes her own insecurities just as she does those of others, by maintaining a reliable and predictable nature.

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Intimacy is a major point of struggle for Aquarius men paired with Taurus women.

While both are sexual beings, what makes them feel loved, appreciated, and turned on are on different ends of the spectrum.

The Taurus woman may occasionally be shy, but she knows what she wants and will always seek it out directly.

She is softhearted and kind, only revealing an inner warrior when those she loves are threatened.

The bull demands romance and physicality, while the water-bearer needs mental and conversational stimulation to provoke his interest.

Outside of the bedroom, the problems only increase, as Taurus women want their partners to themselves, at home, and enjoying hedonistic pursuits.

Sadly, the water-bearer only marches to the beat of his own drum and if he is not outright seeking the horned beauty, relationships stand little chance of success.

Growing and building a fulfilling friendship or intimate relationship between a Taurus woman and a Aquarius man will demand a willingness to change from both ends - something hard to come by in two of the more uncompromising zodiac signs. Discover the pitfalls and promising features of this pairing by reading below.

The bull always works hard, but makes sure to leave time for rest and relaxation.

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