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As the Seljuqs had no capital, the most flourishing cities during this time…

Eridu), that is no more than a final rebuilding of a shrine the original foundation of which dates back to the beginning of the 4th millennium; the continuity of design has been thought by some to confirm the presence of the Sumerians throughout the temple’s history.

Only in Hassuna-Sāmarrāʾ pottery do devices occasionally appear that consist of animal, bird, or even human figures, ingeniously stylized and aesthetically attractive.

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Architecture dating

Accordingly, in the early days of Sumer and Babylonia, architectural attention was paid primarily to religious Assyrian period).

The third factor that contributed to the character of Mesopotamian art is the influence of the natural environment.

Typical temples of the Protoliterate period—both the platform type and the type built at ground level—are, however, much more elaborate both in planning and ornament.

Interior wall ornament often consists of a patterned mosaic of terra-cotta cones sunk into the wall, their exposed ends dipped in bright colours or sheathed in bronze.

The practical limitations imposed upon both artist and architect by the geology and climate of southern Iraq are immediately apparent.

Since no stone or wood was available in the alluvial plain, sculptors were dependent on scarce imported material or compelled to use such substitutes as stone was plentiful, but the cost of quarrying and transport, combined with an obstinate conservatism, caused it to be regarded as a luxury material and its use to be confined to sculptured ornament and conspicuous architectural features.

The only other notable art form popular at this time is that of hominoid figurines of stone or clay, associated with primitive religious cults; however, their formal idiosyncrasies vary greatly from group to group, and the meaning of their symbolism is unknown.

Nor can they—or the pottery designs—be considered as ancestral to Mesopotamian art of historical times, the antecedents of which must be sought in southern Iraq.

Three factors may be recognized as contributing to the character of Mesopotamian art and architecture.

One is the sociopolitical organization of the Sumerian city-states and of the kingdoms and empires that succeeded them.

By 3100 , however, the presence of the Sumerians is finally proved by the invention of writing as a vehicle for their own language.

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