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After nine weeks of romantic dates, dramatic reveals and emotional casualties, America’s “Bachelor,” Chris Soules, has whittled his 30 eligible bachelorettes down to just three: Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca. 23 episode, Chris and the remaining three ladies travel to Bali, Indonesia, which they repeatedly tell us is “amazing” and “sooooo romantic.” The episode’s preview reminds us that the ladies are all battling issues surrounding one of this season’s central themes: sacrifice. Each date follows a formula where the woman professes her love for Chris (which he reciprocates to varying degrees), they talk about whatever issue is getting in the way of their relationship and they finish by closing the veil in the Bachelor’s trademark “fantasy suite.” The episode starts with Kaitlyn, so we’ll do so as well.

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(“Trican”) intends to release its Second Quarter 2018 results on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 before the opening of the market.

Then he does what he always does when he feels uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to say: he makes out with her. Whitney greets Chris with a signature “Bachelor” run-jump-hug-kiss, and the two board the boat accompanied by a captain who sets the mood by hitting the dock on the way out to open water. (A weakness to wannabe Christian Greys and reality stars alike.) And what is his advice for them on date night? For a brief moment we start to wonder if Chris will just decide not to give out the second rose and end the season here, but gives the second rose to Becca, since ABC has two more Mondays to fill.

After a while, Kaitlyn tells Chris that she’s falling in love with him, and he finally caves and says he’s falling in love with her too. Whitney narrates every moment that they have together, which is great because it means less time listening to Chris stammer. Becca tries to grab the freshly eliminated Kaitlyn’s hand, but Kaitlyn serves up some rejection, much like the rejection she must have felt from Chris in that moment — womp-womp.(Or at least the reality show approximation of it.) Will Whitney give up her career? Kaitlyn Much of Chris’ date with Kaitlyn revolves around the two gawking at the Indonesian landscape in a way that feels problematic (but I’m sure was approved by the Bali Tourism Board, which probably paid who knows how much to be this week’s destination). (On “The Bachelor,” they call this “putting your guard up.”) Over the course of the episode, Chris spends one-on-one time with each of his three potential partners.Angelucci 20th Century Vintage decorative furnishings and design 1945 – 1975 Established in 1992, Angelucci 20th Century offers a broad selection of local and international furnishings, lighting and designer pieces predominantly from the 1950′s and 1960′s.Most of our Vintage stock is sourced in France and Denmark.The Company will host a conference call on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at a.m. ET) to discuss the Company's results for the 2018 Second Quarter.

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