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Jackie learns that she’s gotten the job at Bellevue Hospital and asks Zoey to join her. Later, O’Hara senses something is wrong and Zoey confides everything about Jackie’s actions/behavior and it’s clear O’Hara is hearing this for the first time.

Eddie has secured the help of Barry Wolfe to get him off from the drug dealer charges but it becomes apparent that it’s not going to happen.

Showtime brought in out lesbians Linda Wallem and Liz Brixius, who worked together on is packed with twists and turns — including an ending that is a total surprise.

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Zoey screams for an ambulance to take Jackie to Bellevue but the hospital has shut down after all.

Zoey is telling an unresponsive Jackie that “she’s good.” Her eyelids flutter to the sounds of her friend’s voice.

This list has all the best comedy TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix. If you're into dysfunctional families, critically acclaimed series like .

There's a slew of comedies streaming on Netflix to choose from that spans the decades.

O’Hara makes a surprise visit with son at Fiona’s confirmation.

She and Jackie spend the day together and visit All Saints on its closing day.Jackie has a sweet goodbye with Prince (he thinks she’s his ex-wife as the tumor is taking over) and, while the party in the ER continues, she goes to the bathroom to use some of Vinny’s drugs.We then see Jackie walking out the hospital doors into a busy New York City — where she takes part in a yoga class in Time Square. We’re then taken back to the hospital where we see that Jackie has collapsed in the ER.Compassionately, she cleans him up and shares that she’s an addict as well.When he leaves, she offers him his belongings which includes his stash but he refuses it. Vinny is the last person helped at All Saints as the doors close forever. He’s going away to a white collar prison for a year because he wouldn’t rat on Jackie. Zoey decides to turn down Jackie’s offer, saying that she needs to find her own way.Jackie is a tough New York City ER nurse who’s not afraid to bend the rules — for her patients or for herself.

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