Are hyun bin and ha ji won dating

I still thought of Hyun Bin in positive terms, to be sure.But there were definitely newer distractions in dramaland that were consuming my attention.It’s Hyun Bin at his fresh-faced, clean-cut, cheery best, and looking at these pix, I could plausibly believe that maybe, just maybe, this was the (very handsome) boy living next door.

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Movie Comeback: The Fatal Encounter / The King’s Wrath After Hyun Bin’s military discharge in December 2012, it took another one and a half years for his comeback project, The Fatal Encounter, to hit screens. ) watched the movie, and was reminded all over again of what an excellent actor Hyun Bin is.

He’s understated in expressing his character’s struggles, yet manages to convey the full extent of his concerns with impressive nuance, and a regality fitting of the role.

Yes, on hindsight, I’d probably have some issues with some of his character’s more domineering moments if I were to attempt a rewatch now, but I can’t deny that Hyun Bin’s intent smoldering gaze made me swoon.

A I could hardly breathe while watching this scene.

If you’ve been following our blogoversary giveaway, you’d know that this is (supposed to be) the made-to-order Pure Pretty post that Djining won as her prize.

Which means that we have Djining to thank for this opportunity to gaze at and appreciate the one and only Hyun Bin, while Google to thank, for the many hours of (admittedly very enjoyable) research that went into this post! Coz MY HYUN BIN APPRECIATION Before getting into the Hyun Bin Pretty, I thought it’d make sense to share at least the highlights of my own appreciation for Hyun Bin with you guys. If you don’t yet know who Hyun Bin is, you’re probably just new-ish to the k-scene, is all.

I also watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005), which is a classic in most fans’ books.

I personally wasn’t so taken with Hyun Bin here, although many Hyun Bin fans would beg to differ.

Coz it’s Hyun Bin all cozy in a tank, thoughtfully scrawling a love message to you on the mirror. Boy-Next-Door In a similar vein (coz don’t many of us dream of dating the boy next door?

), I really like the boy-next-door vibe on Hyun Bin.

And yes, there was some pretty spectacular shirtlessness on display too, which I’ll save for later.

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