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that we had earned it.” Being identical twins, queer women, and successful touring musicians who opened for Neil Young (he signed the duo to his own label) while still teenagers, Tegan and Sara have come to terms with the idea of not fitting in.They spend their lives in tour buses and hotels; they travel the world and get on stage for a living.

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will surely be successful as it doesn’t stay far from the same hook-laden, call-and-response, harmonizing, hit-the-dancefloor worthysongs that an ever-growing audience has come to expect.

In even better news, it could also be their queerest album yet.

One of the first tracks of theirs that struck me as particularly lesbian was “All Messed Up,” which they incidentally performed at last night’s show: While I am aware that it’s not just women who use makeup, it’s quite clear to most Tegan and Sara fans that they are, in fact, singing about another woman, a woman who is breaking their hearts.

This is a common theme in many Tegan and Sara songs, the pain of loving someone so hard and so much that the tiniest imaginings can create the biggest wounds.

(Goddess bless you all.)A recent Buzz Feed story pointed out the misogyny and homophobia that has often permeated press about the band, inappropriate and offensive questions from journalists and bizarre references to their gender and sexuality when completely irrelevant.

But on the flip side, it’s worth noting and celebrating that Tegan and Sara have also been out and proud not only in interviews and appearances but within their music, the very thing that the public is consuming and singing along to.By phone, Tegan Quin relates how disenfranchised the pair often felt in the early years of their career.“I think because we were so young when we started, we always wanted to prove ourselves,” she says. I wanted my peers to step up and say, ‘Wow, Tegan and Sara are incredible live’ or ‘They’re great songwriters.’ I wanted to prove that I was as good as everybody else, that this attention and fame and success that we had achieved …To feel like your hurt and pain and romance and obsession is not something to be adapted or translated but actually straightforwardly sung about?In 2016, it’s still an anomaly to hear these kinds of songs on mainstream radio outside of a few artists: Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Mary Lambert, Tegan and Sara.“This is the most authentic version of the band,” Sara reflects, her eggs and toast getting cold as she draws out a long response.

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