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When she seems too aggressive and loud, try to remember that this is just the way she talks.

This is actually not such a bad thing because you will always know what’s on her mind.

It is sometimes hard for her to recognize her emotions and she can easily lose patience for herself and others, but if you give her space to solve her issues on her own, any conflict will be avoided.

They are much more aware of their sexual instinct, and can be quite unemotional when they are physically intimate.

It is unacceptable from her perspective for any woman to stay in an intimate relationship, let alone get married and have children, with a man that doesn’t meet her sexual needs.

When she falls in love, she will seem to be the most attractive woman on the planet.

However insensitive this sign can sometimes be, she is primarily a woman.

Jewelry is a tricky territory since she will either not like it at all, or wear a lot of it.

However, make it expensive and discreet, she will treasure it as a sign of your affection.

She will show her emotions through a typical flirting game and not be patient for very long.

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