Ashlee simpson and pete wentz dating

What is true is that she had just gotten out of the bath and she threw a fur rug over herself when she heard the commotion. Lots of rock relationships end badly, but none quite as badly as Sid and Nancy.

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Two years ago, the former couple reunited onstage at London's Palace Theater to perform Cave's love song "Henry Lee." Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake met as cast members on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993 and were dating by the time they became pop sensations in 2000, but after a couple years in the paparazzi spotlight they both moved on.

In his 2002 video for Jay-Z and Beyoncé were incredibly famous before they started dating in 2002, but their union brought so much tabloid attention that even your mom knows their names these days.

When Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 they were a happy couple who had recently released a collaborative LP.

Fleetwood Mac turned into superstars, though the success tore their relationship apart.

Maybe he was the only person who could understand the crushing fame that killed her father – or maybe she just really, really wanted to anger her mother.

, many fans related to the heartache and it became one of the most acclaimed albums of his career.

Bikini Kill broke up a long time ago, but Hanna went on to form Le Tigre.

Michael Jackson's motivation for marrying Lisa Marie Presley was pretty clear – accusations that he had molested young boys had severely damaged his career.

Without any close competitor, Debbie Harry was the hottest woman on the late 1970s CBGB scene.

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