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He or she may already feel controlled and may push against any suggestions you have in fear of being controlled even more. He or she may have not yet acknowledged that they are in an unhealthy relationship.

A survey of 500 young women, ages 15 to 24, found that 60 percent were currently involved in an ongoing abusive relationship and all participants had experienced violence in a dating relationship.

One study found that 38 percent of date rape victims were young women from 14 to 17 years of age.

Dating Violence is any intentional sexual, physical or psychological attack on one partner by the other in a dating relationship.

This definition reflects the belief that all forms of abuse are harmful and need to be taken seriously. The wounds that emotional abuse leave, cut deep and can leave your self esteem in critical condition.

Teen dating violence most often takes place in the home of one of the partners.

In 1995, 7 percent of all murder victims were young women who were killed by their boyfriends.

Feelings of confusion, anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, scared, lost and disrespected are common in an unhealthy relationship.

Other warning signs include: Remember that abuse is about power & control when talking to your teen.

One in three teenagers has experienced violence in a dating relationship.

Women ages 16 to 24 experience the highest per capita rates of intimate violence. – The reactivity can also be impaired when used as intended, especially in higher doses or in combination with alcohol.

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