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Surprising absolutely no one who decorated their walls with pictures of Justin Bobby during the aughts, the lion-maned pseudo-celebrity is currently peddling his haircare line and operating salons in California, NYC, and Nicaragua.After a slew of acting gigs, Kristin Cavallari settled down and had three kids.

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While Speidi don’t deny their reality past, LC emphasizes that she never goes back and watches the show: “For me, it doesn’t always bring back the best of memories.”These days, Lauren’s daily routine (at least according to this hour-long special) consists of photoshoots for her “contemporary line” Paper Crown, being driven to the CFDA Awards, and attending design meetings for her Kohl’s collection.

We watch alongside her as she takes breaks from her busy schedule to stream choice Hills clips, like one shot of intern LC dressing Lady Gaga. While Conrad herself doesn’t really seem to understand why the life of a 17-year-old Californian was like catnip for the American public, she credits her and her cast members’ “completely unfiltered” naiveté.

Once California’s best-ombréd daughter made her dramatic exit, it was up to Kristin Cavallari to assume lead position.

While Cavallari gave it her best shot, she was no LC.

Lo Bosworth is based in NYC, where she runs her lifestyle blog.

Audrina Patridge is married to a BMX rider, and hosts a travel series on LXTV.

Does People’s Revolution still exist and, if so, is Kelly Cutrone still wonderfully terrifying?

Tuesday night’s heavily teased anniversary special, , promised to answer all of these questions and more.

At the end of her character arc in Season 5, LC had tentatively made up with former BFF Heidi Montag, thanks to Heidi’s boyfriend Spencer Pratt’s telephone apology.

In real life, Conrad later confessed that she actually “wasn’t on the other line” of Pratt’s phone call mea culpa.

Additionally, The Hills introduced an entire generation to the kind of 21st century fuckboy who would one day lay waste to their twenties.

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